Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question : Is this high school a real United States based school?

    • Answer : YES! Clintondale High School and its Clintondale International program is located in the state of Michigan in the United States. The address is 35200 Little Mack, Clinton Township, MI 48035. In 2015, Clintondale High School was named by CNN as one of the TOP 41 most innovative schools in America.
  • Question : How many courses does a student have to take at their own school to get a US diploma from Clintondale?

    • Answer : When a school partnership is created, students and their home international school will determine their academic plan in accordance to the requirements of Clintondale Community School District and the state of Michigan. For individual students, each student graduation plan is tailored to their individual needs and the requirements that are set forth by Clintondale's School Board and the state of Michigan.
  • Question : Will my diploma be an actual diploma like the ones Clintondale students receive in the United States?

    • Answer : Yes, it will. Your diploma will be the same as our own homeland students here in the United States.
  • Question : Will colleges look favorably if I have US accredited diploma and an American based transcript?

    • Answer : Yes, most colleges feel more comfortable when students have received an American based diploma when admitting international students. Our US based transcript will provide colleges a clear understanding of the classes that you have taken.
  • Question : Will I be ensured that I will receive my visa from the United States if I am part of this program?

    • Answer : Our partner colleges will work specifically with you to obtain a US visa to study in the United States. Of course, nothing is for sure however, we have experts who will guide you through the entire process so your chances are tremendous. Just in case, we have colleges that have locations outside the United States as well.
  • Question : What are the fees for schools and also individual students?

    • Answer : The cost of a diploma will be dependent upon length of class, depth of curriculum, teacher requirements and school partnership agreement. Please contact us at international@clintondaleschools.net.
  • Question : How does a school start a partnership with Clintondale International? How does an individual student start?

    • Answer : Each potential partner school or student must start the inquiry process by contacting us through the START HERE page located at the top of our website. Once, the START PAGE is selected, please choose either school or student. Once selected, you will be asked to fill out a contact form and a school representative will be in contact with you.
  • Question : Once a student completes their courses, how long does it normally take to get a Clintondale diploma.

    • Answer : Once a student completes their courses and the predetermined number of required credits, our Clintondale school staff will complete an audit of a student's transcript. Verification and delivery of the diploma takes approximately 4-8 weeks.