Future Schools and Students

Gain Your Advantage!

Schools gain the edge you are looking for…

  • Truly set yourself apart from others and now become a unique International school
  • Financially create additional revenues through our partnership rewards program
  • Give your students the access to some of the the best colleges by giving them a US diploma and transcript
  • Your students can’t get a US visa? Don’t worry we have US college partnerships that have US college programs all over the world
  • Your students need SAT prep for college entrance? Through our unique Kranse Institute partnership we have aligned ourselves with the best test prep company with proven results.
  • Your students need help with English? We got it, learn English through our partnership with Mango Languages

Students gain your edge by…

  • Having a unique dual diploma which sets you apart from other international students applying for college
  • Having the opportunity to pick the college of your choice
  • Having the opportunity to earn discounts on tuition
  • Saving lots of money on our high school diploma program
  • Having the convenience of not having to leave your family at such a young age