Parents Information

Parents Information

You and Your Student’s Dream

Have you dreamed about sending your son or daughter to the United States for high school to gain an edge and also get into some of the best United States colleges? Are you were a little nervous sending your student so far away at such a young age? Did the cost send you over the edge? Now you don’t have to worry! At Clintondale International, we offer our classes now directly to your student through their own school or through our online academy. No worries or hassle.

Save Money and Time!!!!

Going to high school in the United States can be costly up to $50,000 USD/ per year. However, through Clintondale International, it is only a fraction of the cost. Even further, for our students and parents, our college partners offer unique college tuition savings programs that can save a family thousands of dollars per year and a smooth admissions process.

Test Prep

As part of our program, your student can receive a top-notch SAT prep and an English acquisition program for a discounted price just as a Clintondale International student.