Our Programs

School Dual Diploma Partnerships

We are now offering you the unique opportunity to simply partner with us so you can share in the opportunities that we naturally have as a US-based accredited high school.

  • License to offer a Dual High School Diploma with the world famous Clintondale High School
  • US clear college pathways with your own US accredited diploma and transcript
  • US college scholarship opportunities
  • Access to the very best US colleges
  • Award winning SAT / ESL prep
  • Financial rewards for own school
Become a School Partner! Limited Spots Available for 2017-18
Individual Students

Have you dreamed of coming to the United States and going to college? Here is your chance to live that dream. At Clintondale International, we can come to you.

  • Convenient for you – right from your own home or school
  • Affordable – our program is a fraction of the cost compared to other international diploma programs
  • Noteworthy – your transcript stands out from the rest of the US college international applicants
  • Access to the very best US university/colleges
  • Award winning SAT and ESL training available

With our powerful international online academy, you will take the same classes that our students take at our own US high school.

Only 200 Spots Available for 2017-18 School Year

Improve your testing and English language skills

  • Receive award-winning SAT prep from the best prep in the United States, the Kranse Institute, at a discount from us!
  • English Language help
Only 50 spots available!